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Maine Maple Producers

We are members of the Maine Maple Producers. We tap 1700 trees in the area.

The Maine Maple Producers website explains the sugaring process. The site also has some great maple syrup recipes.Click here to visit their website.

In 1966, we opened our first vegetable stand on Elm Street in Sabattus village. In 1975, we built a larger stand to replace our first vegetable stand.

Jillson's Farm & Sugarhouse was built here at 143 Jordan Bridge Road in the winter of 1988-89. At this location, we have sugar parties, produce maple syrup and maple products, sell and grow fresh vegetables and flowers, and host many events throughout the year.

This website will introduce you to the many things we do here at Jillson's Farm & Sugarhouse. Enjoy your visit with us!.

Pat & Ed Jillson

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Smell the pungent smoky air
Have patience in the quiet watch
Steaming sap turns to syrup slow
But soon we’ll all have some to share

Stepping out of the dark season
Sampling the soft glow of spring
Storing each golden drop of sun
To sweeten other seasons to come

Fairy tales do come true
Every year
At Sugarin’ Time!


We are open most days. If there is a sign on the door, please call the number listed and we will be happy to help. 

We are social distancing because of the COVID virus. If you are not well and would like something from the store, please call us and we will gladly ship it to you. Thank you!

spring is coming and so is
​maine maple weekend!

Maine Maple Weekend is coming to Jillson’s Farm and Sugarhouse on March 23 and 24!

We’ll be serving our delicious take-out breakfast starting at 8AM both days, and our greenhouse will have tables set up to enjoy your breakfast on the farm, if you choose. Our greenhouse will also feature some local crafters you won’t want to miss.

Our ice cream room will be open on both days, and ice cream samples will be available on Sunday only.

Looking for maple taffy on snow? That will also be available to purchase on Sunday only.

We’ll also have tons of maple-inspired items and a full line of our very own maple syrup. We can’t wait to see you!

Happily Ever After
By Marcy Cushman

The warm days and cool nights
Signal the start of tree tappin’
We grab a drill and pound a spile
You get a bucket to pour the sap in!

Friends and family helping out
Stoke the fire and start the boil
Look! I’m a princess living in the clouds
I love this sugarhouse castle!

Memories born and stories told
So good to see each one together
After all that winter weather
Seemed like it would last forever!